Choose from our wide range of bisque items to capture your imagination and release the artist in you to paint your own masterpiece, or just have fun with our paints. We always strive to provide a fresh choice of bisque to inspire. If you have any special requests please let us know in plenty of time to avoid disappointment so suppliers may be sourced.

Paint baby prints, fingerprint memory pieces, family keepsakes or gifts, painted ceramics are the ultimate bespoke gift. We have no age limits to painting and creating your own beautiful ceramics. If you are 1 day old or 100 years old we are here to help you as much or as little as you wish.

We have samples, advice, sponges, tools and stencils to help you produce beautiful results every time.

Our love and enthusiasm for being creative is boundless and we hope by sharing our ideas, techniques and joy in making beautiful things, it will enable you to make wonderful creations too

Paint at Home Kits

Each kit will include your ceramic shape of choice and  glaze colours for you to create your masterpiece! Follow our Instagram or Facebook page for tutorials and inspiration too. 

Creative Kits – Set yourself free to express yourself!

Here is a list of our most popular items (Easter is at the bottom) :

Faceted Animals £30

Faceted Skull /Animals (dog, cat, Llama, Unicorn, Dragon, Bear, Giraffe, Lion) £30







Our instructions in your kit

Thank you so much for having a Pots2Paint kit to paint at home. Here are a few hints and tips for painting your ceramics. I could write and write for months on all the ideas and designs but I have tried to help by keeping the Facebook page and Instagram and the website full of ideas. There is always Pinterest and your own book shelves and imaginations too! Message me if you want to know how to reproduce designs that you see.

  1. Do not use any other paints other than the glaze I have given you. Do not use pencil to draw on it and do not wipe the ceramic with a baby wipe.
  2. Do use a felt tip or biro to draw out designs. The ink will totally burn away. Do use a wet sponge to clean up any mistakes.
  3. Do use layers of paint to build up to a good coverage – 3 layers is good.
  4. Add water if you want a watercolour feel but be aware that brush stokes will show in lighter layer application.
  5. Use a sponge to water down paint and dab onto the ceramic to build up a background.
  6. Do MIX your colours to make new ones!
  7. Do use your own brushes or string or cocktail sticks or fingers or washing up liquid paper cut outs from home. Explore textures and mark making!
  8. DO NOT try and be perfect – the glaze is non toxic. Does not stain and looks better the more you use.
  9. If you want a large to be white leave it unpainted. 

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