Christmas Ideas

Christmas is such an amazing time to give gifts and start and maintain fantastic family traditions. Here are some ideas and a guide of our prices to assist you in planning your visits in the run up to the festive season. We have a £4 studio fee per painter. We also charge £1-£3 per item if you want us to write on them for you. We have lots of help to offer, lots of tools and skills to teach and you will do a fantastic job! Bring your confidence and list of people you are making gifts for.

The dinner plate below for Santa’s treats is £14.50, the writing is £3 and the studio fee is £4.

The clock is £22.50

Mugs, side plates, cereal bowls start from £10.50

The star plate is £14.50


The baubles are £12.50

Medium hanging decorations are £8














There are also lots of ideas below and on our Facebook page. I might not always have what is in the pictures in stock but I may have brand new shapes too. I hope you feel inspired!