Clay is at the core of what we do at Pots2Paint. We roll out soft clay, take the imprints of your choice and cut the clay to your desired shape. We will then allow the clay to dry naturally before firing it to hard bisque. We then paint and glaze your piece ready to mount, frame or hang as you have requested.

We will make a bespoke, beautiful clay impression of your choice. We love the free form style of clay impressions so the shape, colour and finished look is up to you. For example, capture a newborn baby’s foot prints with the wildflowers of that season imprinted around the edge.

Please see our gallery and Pinterest boards for inspiration. There are very few limitations to our creativity together in clay. Clay impressions take 4 weeks to complete and start from £25, but as each piece is bespoke please call to speak to us about what you have in mind.

Booking is essential so I can ensure I have enough time and space for your clay appointment.