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header-curriculumIMAG1053Pots2Paint has visited many school over the years providing curriculum support.

Recently we have visited a school near Winchester, painting the Willow Pattern story on plates to support their studies on China in year 2.

IMAG1049We have also painted Greek Vases with two year 5 classes, as they learnt about the Greek ancient myths, legends and painting techniques.

We have taught two year groups (years 6 and 5) to make felt flowers for their Art Week art installation on their fences around the school.

IMAG2380We also work with very young Reception classes, such as our ‘mini beast’ plate painting project with a Surrey school, to support their topic week each summer. We are returning this year to paint canvas bags, our topic being ‘the world around us’.

The Jubilee was a wonderful time as we visited playgroups, schools and groups, painting canvas bags and ceramic plates to commemorate this auspicious occasion.

IMAG0143We have taught classes with two local year 3 classes learning the basics of sewing and applique, helping to produce 60 cushions.

Please contact us and we will work with you as to what you may need. As you can see, we are very versatile!


header-tileIf your school has a wall needing a high impact, bright piece of durable art, we can visit your school and each child can paint a tile to join the wall. It can be their own individual painted picture or be part of a large design chosen by the school.


IMAG0066Fundraising in school or for your group or nursery?

Pottery painting after school, or school fair events can be arranged – 10% of all bisque sales are donated back to your school by Pots2Paint.